CHRISTMAS TREES  – 01491 614079  If you have an enquiry regarding trees, wholesale trees or large display trees please email   andrew@thetreebarn.co.uk   (Please bear in mind we are usually sold out of our wholesale stock by about June/July as we have many regular customers who we supply from one year to the next – but no harm in asking!)

CHRISTMAS SHOP – 01491 614206 (answer phone) As we are not always available to answer the phone, please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as we can  or  please click on the link to email  jane@thetreebarn.co.uk 



Please email   andrew@thetreebarn.co.uk  if you are interested in weekend work outside helping customers with their trees.

Please email   jane@thetreebarn.co.uk   if you are interested in retail work in the Christmas Shop.


Q: Do we deliver?

A: If you are unable to fit your tree in or on your car, delivery can be arranged. There is a charge for this service dependent on distance. Prices from £20.   (We are not able to supply trees by online or telephone order).

Q: Do we have a cafe?

A: Due to lack of space we do not have a cafe, we have a small seating area (‘the bored husbands corner’) where you can have a coffee, tea, hot chocolate or juice drink as well as a small selection of biscuits.

Q: Do we take credit cards?

A: Yes, most credit / debit cards except American Express.

Q: Do we allow dogs?

A: We would rather not have dogs in the Christmas Shop, it can get very crowded at the weekends and there may be customers with small children who are afraid of dogs.

Q: Do we have wheelchair access?

A: A wheelchair can reach most parts of the shop, but we would advise not to come at weekend as it can get very busy and crowded. Apologies, but we only have one loo and it is not a disabled loo.